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All About Cloud.

What’s up in Cloud

Around 3 years ago, this was a slogan that AWS followed but today it is a reality. Cloud is no longer an option in today’s age but almost a standard requirement of enterprises.

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Cloud Computing for the Beginners – I

Are you aware of these cloud computing terminologies? Get a hold over it. We will bring to you more cloud computing terminologies in our upcoming posts. Airframe Airframe is an open source cloud computing platform that targets companies during the stage of adopting a...

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Possible Cloud Security Challenges and Expert Tips to Combat

Certification such as ISO 27017:2015, ISO 9001:2008 and the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard Level – 3 are few of the reputed certifications that can be considered while making a decision over cloud providers. The financial ability of the providers to invest on secure technologies should also be considered.

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5 Simple Cloud Security Steps that actually work

Are you constantly worried about cloud security? Have you been getting emails from clients on securing cloud environment? Here are 5 simple steps towards securing your cloud environment. 1. Peripheral Security – Define your security policies and identify access...

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7 Cloud Trends in 2017

Cloud computing has changed the enterprise world over the last few years and the market is still evolving. Experts have stated that there is a second wave that is coming for both public and private cloud.

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