One of the few companies in ASEAN with a full stack expertise in Infrastructure Architecture, Security and Application Development – Avigna offers a full suite of services built on cutting edge technology.

Artificial Intelligence

With the current pace of innovation, most large scale companies can benefit from intelligent computer systems – agents that can exhibit reasoning and learning. We have a proven expertise in design, planning and execution of such projects.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is more about prevention than about cure. With our step-by-step process towards complete security, we ensure that your company is always protected from known and unknown threats.


We design chatbots that can simulate intelligent conversations with one or more human parties at a high level of accuracy. From Customer Support to Sales, these bots find a use in most major industries.

Recommendation Engine

With our high precision Recommendation Engines, we predict what any unique consumer is likely to be looking for, and integrate with your existing system. We make sure that your customers always see your most relevant offerings.


Operating at the junction of business and technology, our Analytics Solutions are tailored to your requirements and offer real-time window into the system to help you make the right decision everytime.

Mobile Applications

Our experienced team delivers Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications tied in with a highly scalable architecture. Our projects are spread across both enterprise and consumer use cases.

How It Works


All projects at Avigna start from a simple premise – that every innovation should be scalable and secure from the starting point. Our offerings encompass a wide breadth but in each case you will two common facets, an exemplary development team and an amazing customer support. We deliver, that is why we are always recommended by our clients.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Short Answer: Everyone.

Long Answer: While our client list spans from billion dollar enterprises to high growth startups, they do have some common points. Our clients believe in their vision enough to take long-term steps. Just like us, our clients also always keep their customers first.

Our goal is to enable you to focus on running your business while we take care of your technology needs.

What is your turn around time?
Depends on your project. However, with teams in place that work in 24/7 shifts – we have taken on and delivered time critical projects in weeks. Drop us a line and we will tell you how fast we can deliver!
Do you have a support team?
100%. We understand that building systems is one thing and maintaining them is quite another. Our specialist support team are available to work and manage your projects 24/7.

Extremely professional team. We needed a quick turnaround proof of concept project that was delivered before time. Recommended!

Mark Thompson

We were working with someone else before and had quite a few DDoS issues in our setup. Avigna helped us secure our system and move forward.

Lim Chung

Our big data custom project was complicated. Avigna was very proficient in building and continue to manage that system successfully.

Raj Narayan

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We handle projects in Cloud Security, AI and Mobile Applications.

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