About Avigna

We are investing in IT solution to improve efficiency in:

1. Cloud Operations

2. Farming

3. Dairy

We took the challenge of bring standardization to the unorganized sector in rural india - and started investing towards it.

Our investments

InfraGuard.io is meant to automate server operations end to end. We categorized Server Management into three Primary modules which are:

  • SOP Automation
  • Key Management
  • Patch Management

With InfraGuard the Organization can gain full control over any size of infra, which otherwise from managed services point of view has been a blind spot for everyone.

InfraGuard is our humble way of sharing our years of Cloud management knowledge with the world.

This product takes a giant step forward towards solving the skills gap found in the cloud ecosystem by reducing the need to highly skilled people to manage cloud workload.

TheCourseGuru.com is our initiative to bridge the skill gap found in the cloud ecosystem.

Based on our experience we feel there is an unsustainable gap of availability of skilled resources in cloud world and that is driving the industry nuts.

Due to this what happens is each organization is hiring resources from other organization and that is adding fuel to the fire.

TheCourseGuru we want to bridge this gap by working with the corporates to build their cloud practice team from grounds up and rely on already skilled resources available in some other organization.

AllCanFarm.com is an ambitious initiative to make farmers and professionals partner. This way we will be able to reduce the risk of the farmers and they will start feeling they are not along in the great work they are doing.

Professionals will be able to add farming into their investment portfolio and also get an opportunity to live farmers life without making much change in their regular work life.

In this idea we started investing in a mobile platform on which farmers will list their farm-produce for adoption.

The mobile platform is already launched on Android App store. In parallel we started investing in farming, with an ambitious target to plant 20,000 trees of different kind by Q4 2022.

These plantation is about seeding the platform with initial farm which can be owned by Avigna. Once we showcase the platform working properly, we would start onboarding farmers who are aligned with this idea on the platform.

We hope to bring change in the unorganized farming sector with this investment.

Janki Agro is our daily initiative which aspire to bring structure to unorganized dairy sector of Bihar, India.

We have started with building a social enterprise of collecting milk from villages and small farmers -> Bring all milk to our chiller plant where we lab test and store milk in its natural for for long time.

We plan to build multiple hubs across Bihar and hit a capacity of 100k liters of milk per day

Our Core value

Anything decision that we make is linked to basic core values that we religiously follow:


Passion To Solve Problem

We build courses with passion to solve the industry problem to skills gap


Preach Based On Our Experience

All our preaching comes from our first hand experience of setting up teams in our previous roles

Sharing And Caring

Share And Care

We are happy to share all our courses will made available for public consumption at public platforms


Fun In The Process

Fun is in the process


Ethical Behavior

Ethical behavior is key to anything that we do

Stay Humble

Stay Humble

We always stay humble