The problem

The Cloud services ecosystem is growing at a rate much faster than the rate at which skilled resources are available. So typically everyone is struggling. 

Sourcing from other company: Everyone try the short-cut of hiring trained resources from some other companies. But in the process they do not realize that they are fueling the problem. 

Someone who they lure for some quick salary hike, there will be someone else available very soon who will be able to further lure the staff. 

And after a year problem remains the same - no company is able to build a team of their own because of this cyclic problem. 

The Solution 

The right way to building cloud delivery team is via proper training for the needs of the organization. 

Hire people with right attitude and put them through the right training so they can upskill themselves. 

If the organization add value to someone skill, they will stick in the organization for longer time. 

Ideally there has to be a 3 year training module setup as below. 


What Trainings: 

The training need to be designed keeping in mind the corporate requirement. It need to be hands-on and walk through of real customer problems. 

Unless the training is this specific, its not going to be useful. In the market there are lot of trainings available who train on cloud technologies, but it does not train the employees towards the real customer scenario that they are doing handle in their day-to-day job. 

For example, for devops instead of telling what devops is, during the training the group need to be told about: 

1. How to setup devops using jenkins 

2. How to setup devops using azure pipeline 

3. How to setup devops using aws tools 

Similarly, instead of telling what is managed services on cloud, the training need to be done keeping in mind every action that operations team will be doing: 

1. How to use ticketing system 

2. What language to use while updating ticket 

3. Understand SLA and response 

4. Assigning tickets to other 

5. See tickets assigned to self 

Advanced managed services training will include things like: 

1. How to manage SSH and RDP keys 

2. How to restart apache, tomcat, websphere 

3. How to take db dump in mysql 

4. How to take db dump in oracle 

5. how to move logs from server to S3 / Object store etc 

6. How to clear cache 

7. How to pull slow query logs from the database 

Deep managed services training include: 

1. How to investigate web application running in apache / tomcat / websphere etc for performance 

2. How to make changes to configuration file 

3. How to track user traffic leading to resource consumption 

4. How to investigate DB performance using dynatrace 

5. How to investigate application performance using dynatrace 

6. How to create report for application performance to be sent to customer 

7. How to create RCA document in case of an incident 


The corporates need to come up with the trainings that are relevant for their customers. Once the training courses are designed, it need to be custom built and be delivered in a batch. 

There also has to be refresher courses also and in future a hand-holding is needed for a week after the training so the employees can reach out for help when they need it.


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